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Aging & Elderly
Autism & Learning Disorders
Autoimmune Disease & Allergy
Catastrophic Illness
Military & Dependents
Needy Individuals & Families
Spreading the Gospel

Serving Jesus Christ


Welcome to The Master's Legacy Foundation website!

The Master's Legacy Foundation mission and passion:

  • Love our neighbor and lend a helping hand to those in need
  • Organize our knowledge and resources to better serve our community
  • Reward 501(c)(3) organizations who operate efficiently and give and serve freely
  • Devote our resources to the service of our Master and Savior Jesus Christ

The Master's Legacy Foundation (TMLF) was founded in October 2007 on the premise that when people who have been blessed with resources (talents, skills, abilities or finances) unite in a charitable cause to care for community members, extraordinary good becomes possible.  Private philanthropy will be used by the foundation to assist others while encouraging self-reliance and diminishing government's role.  We see it as an important learning opportunity in caring for others and focusing on God's work for us as His hands and feet on earth.  Our belief is that ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference in the world when, with God's guidance, they set a path to serve.

TML Foundation is founded on the solid rock of Jesus Christ, the risen son of God, who sacrificed Himself to bring the possibility of everlasting life to humanity.  We support nonprofit institutions that teach and spread the Word of God as expressed in the Bible and other organizations which serve humanity in a Christian manner – with compassion, grace and respect – in an effort to help with personal crises, develop programs and treatments for illnesses, and provide care, enrichment and sustenance to the ill, needy and elderly.

The TML Foundation is interested in encouraging practical solutions to challenges and supporting preventive and direct service efforts within its funding areas.  We perform our mission by supporting creative approaches to spreading the Gospel and stimulating leading edge health and human services programs which directly servesthe recipient organization's mission and service to its constituents.